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Warning! Fraud In The Universities, Some Students Exposed: A Must Read For Jambites

Are you an admission seeker? Or Do you know any body seeking for admission? Then take your time and read this, don't be in a hurry, relax and read on.
Many jambites are so despirate to get admission, but will you blame them? Of course you won't, in a country where corruption is like a national anthem. Many admission seekers are willing to pay any amount or do anything in other to get admission, forgetting to think back and front. Now i want to warn you all, beware of fraudsters. They are everywhere, in every school, looking for people to dupe.
A 300L BMT student of FUTO by name Nlemchi Chinonyerem, click here to view her profile on facebook, duped a FUTO aspirant of her hard earned 240,000 naira in the name of securing admission for her. Another FUTO student also duped a guy of 650,000 naira still in the name of admission. Did i just here you shout Wow!? You have to, no be small matter. Don't think am making all this up, you can go to the school's security unit and confirm. In ABSU, a student duped someone of 40,000 naira, still cos of admission.
Am not saying you shouldn't work your admission, of course you should, after all merit is now a thing of the past, in a typical nigeria higher institution, 3% of the students are on merit while 97% others are worked. What am saying is if you want to work go to a staff of the school, it will be direct, cheaper and more authentic!
Ok how will you explain that 500 and something plus students were sack from ESUT some months back cos of fake admission? Same story was heard in UNN i think in 2009. The point am try to make is that 419ners are in every school, UNIPORT, UNIZIK, IMSU, ANSU, EBSU, just name them.
We're in a society where leaders don't care about the mass. Why would they kwan? When all their investments are done overseas, including their children's education. Ok, 1.5million plus candidates wrote JAMB this year and only 500k spaces available, the 1m plus others nko? Them go fly nah. Jamb told her candidates to read some novels for the exam but didn't ask a single question from the novels. Read more about the jamb novel scam here What a shame! Which way Nigeria?
Our education sector needs help and fast too, cos it has gone from bad to worst. Don't say you were not told!

Remember to share this, you might be saving someone from fraudsters!

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