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Due to the high number of candidates seeking for admission in Nigeria, many students have thought outside the box and got themselves to the next level. What do i mean by this? In Nigeria, candidates seeking for admission are so much that one will begin to think if Nigeria really have tertiary institutions at all. Permit me to use the word, mismanagement! Nigeria Funds are mismanaged in all sectors, education sector inclusive. Imagine a country that doesn't have the interest of the youth at heart, a country that can't admit student with a single exam, instead they write tons of exams just for one admission. Why is it so? The answer is simply GREED and CORRUPTION. Yes they want more money, from jamb forms, post jamb forms, pre degree forms, pre science forms, diploma forms, supplimentry forms etc, the more money they want the money, the more they fail candidates, so that the candidates will come back for more. How will you explain the fact that jamb sold over 1.5 million + forms in the last jamb examination only for schools to admit 500,000 out of 1.5m. The remaining 1m + will do what? Fly i guess. Why won't they sell something close to what they want to admit? The most painful part of it all is that only 100,000 out of a possible 500,000 is on merit. Sad right? That's just a painful truth. Hope am not boring you with the sad story of Nigeria's poor education sector? It's a painful truth anyways.

Now back to why am writing this, we can help you gain admission in one of Ghana's finest universities with just your waec result. Ghana is one of Africa's fast growing countries, their education sector is so solid that one may begin to think if they have been there before Nigeria, peaceful environment, steady electricity, lovely people, just name them. Hope am not taking too much time in telling you what i have for you? Hehehehe.
Ok back to business, if you wish to study in Any Ghana University, all you need is a 5 credit in waec and money for school fees, that's all! In Ghana universities, students are not just taught only on theories, but also on practicals.
We work with the schools, so if you want to study there, just send an email to us using our contact us page, or give us a call with the number +2349055824155 or Whatsapp us on +2347030453760. We are committed to bringing the best to your door step. We have links to major Ghana Universities, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today!!!

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Some Ghana Universities And Their School Fees

UNIVERSITY OF GHANA, LEGON(yearly) (this includes registration,examination,administration fees)
English Proficiency Non-Ghanaians-$1,995 Humanities Non-Ghanaians-$3,975 Administration/Sciences/Agric Non-Ghanaians-

2015 List Of School Fees For Some Nigerian Universities

Before you make your choice of institution, it is better to know how much they are paying as fee. You might apply for admission into any University and finds out that the tuition fee is above what you bargain for. Because of that, we have list all the  Nigerian Universities and their school fees for 2015.
The list below is the current school fees payment for various Nigerian Institution for the 2015 session. > University of Lagos, Unilag –> fresher: N55,000 for science and N50,000 for non science, while stalite is around N15,000 > Plateau State Polytechnis, PLASU –> INDEGENE-N50,000, NON-INDEGENE- N100, 000
> Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU –> N60,000 (faculty- 12,000, it depends on faculty, but the highest is not more than 15,000)
> Federal University of Technology, Akure, FUTA –> FRESHERS-83,940, (Comes with tablet) stalite pays N13,560 or so
> Nasarawa State University, NSUK –> N29,000
> Federal University of Technology, Owerri, FUTO –> N48,300 TO…

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JAMB, the official body charged with the responsibility of registering, organizing and administering unified entrance examinations to applicants for admission into tertiary schools in Nigeria today August 29th, 2013 released admission status check for prospect students who did excellently well in the 2013 UTME nationwide.

Thus, irrespective of whether or not admission list has been released by a particular school, candidates who applied for that school can now check through JAMB to know if they