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2016/2017 Academic Year: Is Nigerian Institutions Not Admitting This Year?

Cheta Ikemsinachi Onuecheta wrote:
Today is September 5th, yet no higher institution in Nigeria has a clear road map on how to admit new students. Maybe the private ones will smile bigger this year but on the other hand, who even have about N500,000 and above to enroll his or her child into a private University. I know some parents who have concluded plans to withdraw their children this October (nke i gulu ezugo, ego adiro zi)  cos they can't even feed at home like before not to mention paying above 1000 dollars as tuition fees. So you see, even the private universities will cry more.
Now the Ministry of Education headed by our Malam Minister and deputized by a professor who I believe is no different from the professor deputy president, always there like a dummy just to fill up space for the ethnic group he came from without doing anything, a disgrace to professorial cader in our society. I don't blame the rusticated student of Unilag who professed that he is doubting their …