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Futo Going Digital: Students Not Too Comfortable With It

The new FUTO VC, Prof Asiabaka, who assumed office last year has implemented lots of changes in FUTO. Now, the school fees payment system is no longer as it used to be. It has now been made compulsory for every student to pay their school fees on the first semester of every session. Many students complained that FUTO is not a secondary school where students are forced to pay their fees. 'Afterall, we cant do our final clearance if we dont pay up our fees before our graduating year', some students said. Now, before one can say 'I have payed my school fees, he must have passed through some steps. First, go to your department and get your
username and password; then go to a cyber cafe, access your account on the Futo portal and print your invoice. Take the invoice to the bank and pay your school fees. A document will be given to you. Then go back to the cafe and print you school reciept using numbers on the document. Sounds easy, right? Some students have been doing this since the beginning of the semester and are yet to complete it. As it stands, no student
will be allowed to write this semester exams without a school fees reciept. Many students are frustrated right now. Instead of reading, some students are in cyber cafes trying to complete their payments in time. Many others dont have the money. Tention is really high now. Exams will start Monday (tomorrow) and all these problems still persist. Many students now agree that FUTO means Frustration Under Tention and Overload, hahahaha, funny right? Many students are however optimistic
that no matter the odds, 'WE MUST
Goodluck guys!

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